How To Play

It's very simple.

Step 1

Once you are ready to start playing, send your btc bet to your preferred address below to place a bet (bets must be between the maximum and minimum amount).

Initially, your bitcoin (btc) address needs to be determined, to do so, please send 0.001 btc to our address for the test. If you don't get a bitcoin response/confirmation then your wallet is not compatible. If your wallet is not compatible with our system, then you will not receive a win/lose answer back. If your wallet is compatible, you will receive an answer.

Step 2

Our btc betting system will roll the dice and pick a lucky number. Isn't that simple and fair?

Step 3

You will receive bitcoins automatically if the lucky number is less than the number you chose.


Please bet with the single sending. Please do not imploy multi-sending in order to increase your odds of winning. Our system is set up on a single sending/single wallet transaction basis. This way, players will receive the best playing experience whether they are just beginning or if they are professional bitcoin players.


Most bitcoin transactions are instantaneous. Regardless of the size of the bet, our bitcoin system is such that the scale factor we use for calculations is the one that calculates from the time the confirmation is received. In some cases this will differ from what displayed on the web. Some bet will need to be confirmed for fairness, and will take a fraction longer than the usual bets. You will see your results right away, whether you are a winner... or a loser.


Using our bitcoin system allows you greater returns than our competitors. We strive to make sure all bets are fair and every user is using our system fairly. We will do our best to make this a fun experience for you! But keep in mind that as with any betting system, we are unable to guarantee any kind of result.

An important note to remember:

Only use wallets that allow you to receive Bitcoin from the same address you sent from. If you're not sure, test by sending a bet for the minimum amount. If you get nothing back, then your wallet is not compatible. Note that some bets may require one confirmation before the win/loss value is sent back.

The minbet

If your bet amount is between under the minbet and over our txfee(0.0005). We will return the amount - our txfee.


If you bet 0.01, we will send 0.01 - 0.0005 = 0.0095.

If you bet 0.0001, we will not return it.

The maxbet

If your bet amount is over the maxbet. We will return the amount - our txfee(0.0005).